What the Indian cricket fans say about the India tour

FourFourSecondFourFourFourEightFourFourSixFourEightEightTwoSixTwoTwoFourFourTwoFourEightTwoFourTwoTwoEightTwoTwoTwoSixFourTwoEightFourTwoThe Indian cricket team have just returned from a six-match tour of Australia and South Africa that has brought a series of newsworthy developments and made headlines.

Here are five things to know about India’s tour to Australia and New Zealand.

India have won two of the three Tests in Australia and they have won both of the other Tests in South Africa, with Australia having won both in Melbourne in October.

The series is over.

The team have been knocked out of the ODI series.

India are the first team to reach the top of the rankings after their series against Australia and have now climbed to No.3.

Australia are the second-highest ranked team after India, but have yet to beat India in an ODI.

Australia have a good chance of winning this series.

They have lost only once in Australia in four Tests and have scored just one century in the other three.

They are unbeaten in Tests against India.

Australia are not favourites, but they have the chance to win the series with a series win.

India have not lost a Test series since August 2011, when they were beaten by New Zealand in Melbourne.

Australia have a record of six wins in seven Tests.

The two teams have faced each other once in the series, in Melbourne last month.

India won 4-0 and lost 4-3.

India beat Australia by five wickets in the second innings, but were reduced to 2-0 in the final over.

Australia were in control in the first innings but India came away with a comfortable win.

Australia had lost all three Test series before this one.

Their bowling had struggled at the start of the series and India’s batsmen have had a few good outings.

India lost all their last four Tests against New Zealand and have only lost three Tests against Australia.

India has won only one of the last five Tests against the West Indies.

The Indian team have not played a Test match in Australia since October, when India were beaten 4-2 by New South Wales in the opening Test.

India will take on New Zealand at Melbourne on March 5, but the team will return to Australia for a three-match series from March 15-18.

India is one of five teams with two Tests in Perth in the lead up to the series.

Australia has two Tests and a series against Pakistan in Adelaide from April 15-17.

Australia is the first of the five teams to play three Test matches in Perth.

Australia is the second highest ranked team in the world after India.