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The stock market has rallied from a historic low and is now worth more than $700 billion.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up nearly 1,500 points, or 0.6%, to 17,924, the S&P 500 is up more than 1,200 points, a 1.1% gain, and the Nasdaq Composite is up almost 2%, or 1.2%.

The rally was sparked by a big rally in shares of Exxon Mobil Corp., the world’s biggest oil company, and an investment from the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies.

Exxon shares surged nearly 15% to $103.36 after a rally of more than 2,300 points.

Exxon shares have been up nearly 3,000 points since their previous high of $98.60 in mid-June.

The stock market rally has been fueled by a rally in Exxon shares, which are up nearly 2,000% in less than a year.

Renaissance Technologies is also among the largest fund managers, and its stock has surged nearly 3% in recent days.

Investors also rushed to buy Exxon shares after the news.

Virgil H. Vadakumar, a finance professor at the University of Texas, told Recode that investors who want to cash out should look at stocks that have already been trading on a major stock exchange.

The Dow has surged more than 3,200% since its previous record high in late March.

The S&p 500 has also risen more than 8% and the Russell 2000 is up 3%.

The Rally has also helped fuel speculation about President Donald Trump’s plans to expand his energy business into energy-related companies and energy investments.

He has been pushing to take over companies that have a presence in the oil and gas industry, including ExxonMobil, which has oil and natural gas drilling operations in the U.S.

He has said he wants to be the biggest energy investor in the world, and he has been courting investors who value energy, including large oil and coal companies, for their future.

Trump has proposed a $2 trillion oil-and-gas pipeline project, a controversial project that could eventually bring millions of barrels of oil and other natural gas from the North Sea to Texas.

The rally has also contributed to concerns about the potential for a trade war between the U and the European Union, and Trump has threatened to impose tariffs of up to 45% on imports from the EU.

The Rally comes as Trump has called for his administration to pursue energy-efficiency programs in the United States and Europe.

If that happens, the rally could lead to an energy boom in the nation’s second-largest economy, which accounts for about 40% of global energy production.

The U.K. is the world leader in renewable energy, with nearly 20% of its energy coming from renewables.

China, which is building a massive wind farm near the U-turn on its Pacific coast, is the second-biggest producer of renewable energy after the U., according to the World Energy Council.

The market rally comes as oil prices are rising and investors are trying to hedge their bets.


S crude oil prices have increased more than 9% this year, the most since late 2015, according to Thomson Reuters data.

It was also the most the price has increased since late March, according the data.

The S&amps Dow Jones Indices is up about 1,000 since its last high of 10,744.

The Nasdaq is up by about 6% in that time.

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