What’s the latest on the Republican National Convention?

A rally hosted by former Florida Gov.

Jeb Bush (R) on Thursday drew about a million people to the Cleveland waterfront, and Trump’s team said the event was the largest crowds of the 2016 race.

Trump’s camp said more than 200,000 people turned out for the rally.

But Trump’s aides have long maintained the Republican nominee will have a large turnout of his own in the Cleveland event, which is scheduled for 11 p.m.


A Trump aide said the Trump campaign expects more than a million attendees at the rally, although the official Trump website says the figure will be subject to change.

The former Florida governor’s rally drew about 100,000 in 2012, when he was governor, according to the Columbus, Ohio-based Greater Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau.

In a recent poll, more than 60 percent of Republicans in Ohio said they plan to attend Trump’s event.

Bush also took part in a rally Thursday afternoon, which was largely focused on his 2016 campaign.

Bush said he believes the American people will reject the current administration and that “this election is not going to be won or lost on any one candidate.”

Bush, who is vying for the Republican nomination for president, said he expects that the Republican Party’s convention will be “the biggest of all.”

Bush said that in the past week, he’s heard from more than 2 million Americans who are concerned about the current political climate, the economy, and the direction of our country.

Bush told the Cleveland audience that he’s confident the country will rise to the challenge.

He called for “a strong America that is free, safe, prosperous and respected.”