Trump rally in Minneapolis is now sold out

Donald Trump’s rally in Minnesota is now selling out, and the crowd size in the event was smaller than expected.

Trump was holding a campaign event at the Minneapolis Marriott Marquis at the end of Saturday night.

The venue is one of the largest venues in Minneapolis.

A reporter who attended the event said the crowd had about 20,000 people in attendance.

A number of speakers spoke at the rally, including Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

There was a long line for tickets.

There were also about 15,000 protesters in attendance, according to a crowd size projection posted by the Trump campaign.

Trump also held a rally at the arena in the city of St. Paul on Friday night.

Trump has not said whether he plans to campaign in the state on Monday.

He also did not address the crowd at the Minnesota rally, and did not take questions after the event.

The president has also not been in the Twin Cities for two weeks, having spent the weekend in Florida, his home state.

He was in Washington, D.C., on Saturday for the inauguration of President Donald Trump.