PARIS, France — Arte, the French telecommunications company, has launched a bidding war for the prime reserve in which it plans to bid for the primary reserve in France and Brazil, as it battles to get back its assets.

The bidding is being conducted by a consortium of firms including Deutsche Telekom, which is part of the group which owns the network operator Orange in Brazil, the Brazilian Federal Telecommunications Commission said in a statement.

The reserve in question is called Orange South, but Arte has asked that its name be removed.

It’s important to note that this reserve is not related to Orange South.

We’re not a party to it, it is not a contract,” the statement said.

Arte will submit a proposal for the reserve to the Brazilian government and its economic ministries on Aug. 28.

Arten has been negotiating the tender for the entire South American market since early last year, when it was reported by the Wall Street Journal that the company had reached a deal with Orange South to buy its network.

Arte and Orange South have a long history of working together on network upgrades and services.

Arterne acquired Orange South in 2014 and has since invested more than $10 billion in the network, with Orange’s parent company Viasat.

Artec, which owns Orange South as well as a few other Brazilian networks, has been in talks with Arte since 2014, and the company also has plans to invest in Arte’s network.