When PEP rally comes, we’ll see ‘anti-nationalism’

When the first day of the PEP’s rally in New Delhi’s Parliament on Sunday, the party’s chief executive officer Yogendra Yadav and other leaders will make the first overtures to India’s large diaspora.

“We want to draw out the masses and create the feeling that this is our home,” Mr Yadav said at the rally in a video statement.

“The country has given us the promise of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, and now we want to deliver on that.”

The BJP leader has also said that the party will not give up the idea of building a Hindu nation.

“Our goal is not just to form the government of the country.

We want to build the Hindu nation,” he said.

The rally, organised by the Hindu Mahasabha, will also mark the first time the party has held such rallies in the country since its formation in 2002.

On Friday, Mr Yadava and his allies also urged the nation to “take the fight to the enemy” and that it should take action against the Congress party and other vested interests.

The BJP, which is yet to form a government, is seeking to gain a share of the 18 seats in the upper house of the Parliament, which the Congress is contesting with a majority of six.

“People have a right to express their opinions,” Mr Kejriwal said.

“But there should be respect for the law and respect for our country.”

India is one of the world’s most diverse societies, but many of the more than 30 million Indians who have fled the country due to caste, religion or political persecution feel excluded from the political system.