How Trump Is Rallying in Florida Today

From the presidential campaign trail to the White House, Donald Trump is making his case for his victory.

The Republican candidate for president is now campaigning in Florida with the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

He’s also taking a break from the campaign trail as he prepares to take on his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, on Monday in the Sunshine State.

Trump has been using his Florida campaign to stump for his policies and has been widely criticized for his campaign rhetoric and his campaign staffs response to the hurricane.

The president and vice president have been working hard to make their respective appearances, but they are still struggling to win over undecided voters who might be reluctant to vote for a Republican.

The campaign, which has already seen some heavy investment by the RNC in the state, is looking to turn out the vote with a rally that will take place at a Florida high school on Monday.

At least three thousand people are expected to attend the rally, which will feature more than 50 people and will feature speakers including Vice President Mike Pence, Sen. Marco Rubio and former President Bill Clinton.

“Make America great again” was written on the back of a black American flag with the word “Rally” and the slogan “#Rally2016” on it.

The rally was organized by the Republican National Committee.

It is the second rally Trump has held on the campaign front since Hurricane Irma hit Florida, and the third in the race to replace him as the presumptive GOP nominee.

Last week, Trump campaigned in Florida ahead of his first primary contest in South Carolina, which is scheduled for Saturday.

After a long night of campaigning in Iowa, Trump and his aides are set to hold a rally in Daytona Beach, Florida, on Friday.