Why Donald Trump should pay for his own rally

The Trumps will have a big fundraiser in Pennsylvania this week.

It is the third of its kind in the state in the next three weeks.

The Trump campaign has been in the process of deciding whether to do a rally in the Buckeye State, a state that has been one of the most solidly Republican in the country.

Trump has been a consistent advocate for the state and has made no secret of his desire to win the state.

This year’s event, in Philadelphia, is expected to attract thousands of supporters.

Trump has been making his mark in Pennsylvania.

He has won all three presidential elections in the Keystone State, which is home to the University of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has a large population of white working-class voters, and Trump has shown an affinity for working- and middle-class Americans.

The Republican nominee has repeatedly cited the state’s economy, saying it has “a lot to offer.”

He also has touted his ties to Pennsylvania, which he says has helped him secure his win in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump’s campaign said it plans to spend $10 million in the coming weeks, with about $5 million going to the Republican National Committee.

“Pennsylvania is a great state and the people of the Commonwealth love Trump.

This will be a great event for the people and a great rally for our Republican Party,” campaign manager Jeff Weaver told reporters Wednesday.

This is not the first time Trump has had a big event in the Philadelphia area.

He did the same in October 2016, and he has also done events in the past in other battleground states.

In 2012, Trump also had a massive event in Pittsburgh.