Watch: Trump Rally in Cincinnati Gets ‘Full On’ With Trump Vocal, But Other Elements Leave Behind

CINCINNATI — Donald Trump is showing up at Cincinnati’s annual auto rally.

He is wearing a black T-shirt that says “TRUMP” in white lettering, a red baseball cap with the words “I Can’t Take It” written across it, and a black jacket with the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

The Republican presidential candidate is also sporting a “Make It Great Again” baseball cap and a red jacket.

Trump also wears a white T-shirts and a “TRUMP VISION” hat, and he wears a red cap with “TRUMP RALLY” written on it, as he appears at the rally.

In addition to the auto rally, Trump is set to appear at two rallies in the Midwest on Monday and Tuesday.

Trump will rally in Wisconsin on Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon in Iowa, with Trump saying that “I am not running for president of the United States.

I am not going to run for office.”

Iowa Gov.

Terry Branstad, a Republican, is also expected to attend.

Trump’s campaign said in a statement that Branstad was invited to attend the rally and had said that he will be “going to Cincinnati this week.”

Trump has a history of appearing at rallies, as well.

He appeared at the GOP convention in Cleveland in August 2016, and last month he was seen in New Hampshire campaigning for his wife, Melania Trump.

Earlier this month, Trump held a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center, and earlier in the week, he held a campaign rally in Dayton, Ohio.