How to watch Trump’s rally vid – live blog

Trump is set to hold his rally on Saturday in West Virginia, the latest to be targeted by protesters and counter-protesters in the wake of the fatal police shooting of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The rally will be held at the University of Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field.

The Associated Press and Reuters have chosen not to show live coverage from the rally.

The AP’s coverage is being delayed for a variety of reasons, including a high volume of journalists from the Associated Press offices around the country covering the event.

Here’s a rundown of some of the key events.

Trump rallies in the US The president is holding his second rally of the campaign on Saturday.

The first was in New York City on Tuesday night.

He was joined by Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

He has said he plans to hold a second rally in the Ohio city of Columbus on Friday night. 

In addition to his campaign rallies, Trump also holds several other events, including at the Capitol, where he has held more than 50 rallies.

In addition to Trump, there are a number of other prominent figures who have been at rallies.

The Washington Post has compiled a list of the prominent figures at Trump rallies, as well as the events they attended.

Read the full list of events. 

The Associated Press is covering the rally with live coverage.

The White House has not yet announced whether the event will be livestreamed. 

ABC News, The Washington Examiner and The Associated Progressive News Agency will be at the rally live and will provide live updates. 

CNN is covering all the rallies, but will provide updates via their Twitter feed. 

Protesters have disrupted Trump rallies before. 

At the end of September, Trump held his first rally in Alabama, which was attended by protesters. 

On October 3, protesters in Philadelphia blocked traffic to the University at Philadelphia, blocking off sections of the university campus. 

A protester in Berkeley, California, was arrested on Friday after authorities said he attempted to burn the flag of the city’s leftist Black Lives Matter group. 

Trump and his campaign have been criticised for not doing enough to counter the protests. 

“I can’t even imagine how this will be a disaster for us if we don’t do something,” Trump said in his rally speech on Friday.

“If I have to have a rally tomorrow in Arizona, I’ll probably have to cancel it, because there will be riots in Arizona. 

Meanwhile, the protests have grown even more violent.

On Monday, a group of protesters in Minneapolis disrupted Trump’s scheduled rally, setting fire to a limousine and throwing rocks and other objects at police. 

Earlier this month, protesters attacked a Trump rally in Wisconsin, smashing windows, setting fires and throwing eggs at a Trump supporter. 

Also on Monday, protesters were also attacked in California, with more than 100 protesters marching through downtown Los Angeles chanting “Trump is a racist” and “You’re not white anymore” before storming the rally venue. 

Police in Texas have arrested several people during demonstrations in the state over the weekend. 

Protests in the United States have been largely peaceful, but there have been some reports of violence in the past. 

Last week, a protester was shot dead by a man who reportedly was trying to break into a police station during a protest in New Jersey. 

After a number people were injured in an assault on a Trump campaign rally in San Jose, California last week, police said they were investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.