When do you need to wear gloves to a rally?

Oklahomans are getting the message: gloves are not appropriate for public gatherings and there’s no excuse for wearing them.

But there is no shortage of people in the country who are uncomfortable with gloves and the way in which they are used.

And the latest example is a rally in Oklahoma, where people were wearing gloves to the Oklahoma State Fair on Sunday to protest the removal of a Confederate flag from a public park.

And while there is a growing movement against using gloves, Oklahoma has a long history of using them as a badge of honour and an expression of identity.

The flagpole was removed on Saturday in front of the Capitol and the flags were removed from public buildings.

Oklahoma state troopers were on hand to remove the flags and take them down.

But the flagpole itself was still standing.

Oklahomas governor, Mary Fallin, and her staff are trying to put the incident behind them.

In an interview with CNN, Fallin said: “There is no excuse.

People need to understand that we live in a democracy.

We live in an America that is free, and we have a right to express ourselves.”

She added that while Oklahoma had “a long history” of using gloves for public events, she was not “particularly upset” about it.

She said that although she would “probably” use gloves in public, she did not feel comfortable doing so at her home.