How to watch the rally in North Carolina

North Carolina’s first congressional impeachment trial began Monday with a rallying cry from Republican leaders to bring down President Donald Trump.

“We’re going to have a new sheriff in town, we’re going on offense,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“This is a momentous time, not just for the American people, but for the world.” 

The rally was the latest chapter in the ongoing impeachment trial, which has become a focal point of protests across the country against Trump’s presidency.

Democrats are demanding that Trump be removed from office for the alleged mishandling of the 2016 election, his alleged ties to Russia and his alleged collusion with the Kremlin. 

Republicans are also calling for Trump to be impeached for his handling of the death of US soldier Capt Robert Nogales, who was killed in action while in Iraq in 2014.

The case has also sparked a nationwide debate over whether Trump committed obstruction of justice and whether he committed a crime. 

A rally by Republican House leaders was cancelled at one point as protesters blocked access to the event site and police tried to maintain order.

The demonstration was cancelled for the rally after the rally’s organizers were threatened with arrest, the Associated Press reported.

 In North Carolina, protesters marched through the streets of Charlotte, the state capital, carrying signs that read: “Hands off my body” and “No justice, no peace”.

They chanted “USA!

USA!” and “Let’s make this about our rights, not our rights”, and some carried signs that said: “Trump: You’re a liar, you’re a disgrace, you are a traitor.” 

In a sign of the times, there was no mention of the protests during the speeches by Democratic leaders. 

On Tuesday, the Senate is expected to vote on the impeachment resolution, but the House of Representatives is expected later this week to vote, according to CNN. 

“I am going to keep doing what I’ve been doing for 30 years and continue to speak out, I will continue to protest, I’m going to continue to call out the president,” Rep. Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, said during a news conference. 

The impeachment case against Trump has divided the country, with many Democrats and Republicans claiming the president’s actions are the result of a conspiracy against them and that he should be removed. 

Democrats, who have long held a strong interest in impeachment, say Trump is responsible for the deaths of Nogars and other soldiers. 

More than 100 people gathered outside the state Capitol on Tuesday, and at least 10,000 people are expected to attend the rally, according.