Why the US is seeing a wave of bike rallies in Washington

US President Donald Trump has been riding around Washington DC on his motorbikes.

On Saturday, he will make his third trip to the city in as many weeks.

He is the first US president to visit Washington DC since the inauguration of Barack Obama in January.

The Trump motorcade has also been in full swing, with a motorcade of more than 40 vehicles parked outside the White House, including a motorbike and a golf cart.

Trump has been the subject of much criticism for not wearing a helmet, but his motorcade is the only one that has.

The President and his family have been wearing a special white helmet since his inauguration, with the first motorcade arriving from the White Capitol grounds, and then arriving on the National Mall in front of the White Senate.

It has also emerged that the President is using his motorbike to travel from the Oval Office to the National Press Club, a location he has often visited.

Despite the fact that his motor bike has been used to get around the capital, he has not stopped in Washington DC.

He has also attended several other rallies, including the one on Saturday, in the early hours of Saturday morning, to protest against the healthcare bill passed by the House of Representatives.

The president has been seen in a few pictures at a rally in South Carolina.