When the Donald Trump rally ends, ‘We’ve got a lot of work to do’

Donald Trump’s rally in Minneapolis on Friday was the biggest crowd yet at his Minnesota campaign headquarters.

The rally attracted a record crowd, with some 30,000 people.

(The Associated Press) The crowd was packed with supporters and Trump supporters.

Many were wearing “Trump” stickers and waving signs like “Resist” and “Keep Donald Trump” as they left the rally site.

Some chanted, “I voted for Donald Trump!

Vote Trump!”

Others waved flags and chanted, like, “Shame!


The rally also attracted the media and some protesters.

The president has repeatedly been accused of racism and sexism, but supporters have argued that the president has done well since he was elected.

The protest, the second of the three Trump rallies this month, came just hours after he was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

Trump was sworn into office Jan. 20.

The event was the third rally for Trump since he took office.

On Wednesday, protesters disrupted a rally in Cincinnati that he was holding in response to violence by white supremacists.

The protests were mostly peaceful and there were no arrests.

The protesters also gathered in front of Trump Tower, where Trump has a home and offices.

The White House said the president would not speak to the media at the rally.

Trump’s inauguration was postponed on Saturday and his second inauguration, which was scheduled for Feb. 20, was postponed to April 20.