Why not just roll the cars over the edge of a bridge?

With the first of a two-week series of rallies set to take place on the A4, a number of commentators have suggested that a car might be able to be lifted over a bridge to the south of the city.

The idea is that the cars could be pulled up a steep hill and lowered to the surface.

A motorcyclist has made a few videos of his experience, which has been shared widely on social media.

However, this is an idea that has a very long history.

The first time that such a stunt was attempted was in 1872, when a motorcyclists vehicle was used to lift a large bridge over a canal in London.

In the end, the bridge was not raised and the motorcyclism did not make it.

The car that was pulled over was later towed away and the bridge is now known as a ‘bridge of death’.