Trump rally: Police force protesters to disperse

Police are deploying pepper spray and stun grenades as protesters march in support of Donald Trump in New Jersey, where he is scheduled to hold a rally at the New Jersey Statehouse.

About 1,500 protesters have gathered at the Statehouse since early Friday morning, demanding that he not be permitted to speak at the rally.

“We’re marching to make a point that Trump is unfit to hold office and we don’t want him in this state,” said protester Kevin Cavanaugh, 27, of New Jersey.

“I don’t know how he could have done this to us, but he did.”

The crowd chanted “Trump is unfit for office, he’s not fit for office” and “Donald Trump is the reason we need a Republican in the White House”.

At one point, a man threw a shoe at a police officer, who tackled him to the ground and ordered him to get down.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was in attendance, and Trump said he would meet with the protesters at the Capitol.

“He’s a man of his word,” he said.

“The president and the vice-president have been very supportive.

They’ve come to New Jersey to show support.”

Trump has been facing mounting pressure from Democratic lawmakers over his handling of the crisis.

A report released by the Department of Justice on Wednesday said Trump failed to properly notify law enforcement of the deadly truck attack, and then misled Congress about what was happening at the scene.

The White House said Trump’s statement to the Senate and to Congress had been “misleading” and that “no one at the White Houses office had direct knowledge of the incident until after it happened”.

Protesters have been calling for the president to resign, and Democratic lawmakers have called for him to be impeached.

Trump was scheduled to speak in Philadelphia on Friday afternoon, but the rally was cancelled.

The Republican frontrunner was expected to speak after the rally, but police have not announced a date.

Donald Trump’s first speech as president.

President Donald Trump is expected to deliver a speech Friday at the Philadelphia rally, where protesters are expected to demand his resignation.

“We need a real president, not one who has lost his nerve, not a politician who can’t keep his promise,” protester Kevin Mays, 28, said.

Protesters have been holding the protest outside the New York Statehouse in New York City, chanting: “President Trump, don’t be a liar, stop lying.”

Protestor Kevin Mains shouts “President Donald, stop” as he is chased by police.

Trump supporters cheer and wave placards while they march from the State House in New Bern, New Jersey., to the Capitol in New Brunswick, New Brunswick.

Thousands of people are expected on Friday in New Hampshire, New York, and Maine.

Hundreds of protesters were seen outside the State Capitol in the US state of New Hampshire outside the US House of Representatives.

Demonstrators are seen blocking traffic at the US Capitol building in Washington DC.

More than 400 protesters have been arrested at rallies across the US.

Police say at least 17 people have been injured and 23 have been treated for injuries.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Trump is “out of control”.

Trump is “on the run,” Cuomo said on Twitter.

“His rallies are empty, his rallies are in the dark, and his rallies have no sound system.

The media are all out of control.

He’s out of touch with everyday Americans.

It’s time for Trump to stop being president and let our state govern.”

Trump said he was not going to leave New Jersey but would return to Washington, DC, on Friday morning.

He will be leaving New Jersey and heading to Washington.

In New York city, demonstrators were seen marching from City Hall to Trump Tower and chanting “We demand he resign!”.

Trump, who is from New Jersey’s Upper West Side, is also expected to attend a rally in Pennsylvania.

Many protesters were spotted outside the Trump Tower in New Yorkers Chinatown.

At least one protester was reported injured in the melee, which began in the early hours of Friday morning and escalated into a police confrontation.

As protesters marched past the Trump International Hotel in New Orleans, a woman who appeared to be a Trump supporter was detained and a police helicopter hovered overhead.

It was unclear if the woman was among those arrested.

There were also reports of a possible bomb scare in New England.

Several demonstrators were injured during a scuffle in the street in Boston.

A man who appeared on stage in New Mexico was reportedly assaulted by several people after he appeared to say something racist.

Earlier, a protester was punched by a protester outside the White house in Washington, D.C.