How to get tickets to the Trump rally in Orlando

With more than 100 people lined up at the Donald Trump rally on Sunday, organisers were expecting tens of thousands of people to attend the rally in downtown Orlando.

But it turned out only about 50,000 people had been registered to attend and the event was being held at a temporary venue.

“We were really, really surprised that it took so long to get here, especially considering it’s a rally and we’re still in the process of building the venue,” said the Florida governor’s spokesman, Robyn Beck.

Beck also claimed that organisers were “not going to get the full crowd” but that a large crowd had been expected to gather outside the venue for the evening.

“I think that was one of the main reasons for the delays,” he said.

“This was not a crowd-free event.”

The Orlando Sentinel reported that organizers had been advised that they were “on a tight budget”.

“This is not going to be a big crowd.

It’s not going for the millions of dollars that some people have said it is,” Beck told the paper.

The state governor has previously been critical of Trump’s rally schedule and the president has been criticised for not attending in Orlando.

Last month, he was seen arriving at the venue only to be told he would not be allowed inside.

The governor has also been criticised over his failure to secure a venue to host a presidential inauguration.

Trump, meanwhile, was due to attend a rally in Tampa on Tuesday, but postponed it due to Hurricane Irma.

Tampa, Florida, was the location of the first presidential inauguration in 1892.