What we know about Gumball Rally 2018 cast, stars and more

The Gumball rally season has officially begun with the start of the 2018 World Rally Championship.

The first round of races will take place on Friday, May 23, 2018.

It’s been a long road for the race organizers to get this far, and they’ve still got plenty of work to do.

It will be the first time the two-day event has been held outside of the US, and there are no scheduled races in Australia or New Zealand.

But, for those who are in the area, the event will be an exciting event for those on the road.

The Gumball Cup is one of the oldest rally series in the world, and the event has seen plenty of action over the years.

The series has had a resurgence in recent years, with the World Rally Trophy and Rally Australia Cup becoming the biggest draws at the event.

And, with a new driver, new championship format, a new course and a new field, there’s no shortage of excitement.

“We’re extremely excited to host the 2018 Gumball World Rally championship,” Gumball Racing Chairman Brian Tippett said.

“I can’t wait to get out on the Gumball track and see the fans in action.”

The fans and drivers who make up this incredible rally community are so enthusiastic about the sport and are very passionate about their cars.

“The 2019 race will take the field at the newly-built Adelaide venue on the Gold Coast, which is set to host a host of big-name drivers.

The venue has been a staging ground for the US Rally Championship and has been used by the Gumballs for years.”

Gumball is an amazing rally, so we’re incredibly excited to have it here for the first event of the season,” Gumballs Chairman Mark Poulton said.

A number of other big-ticket events have been confirmed, including the 2019 Gumball Classic, the 2019 World Rally Finals and the 2019 Australian Grand Prix.

The 2018 season will run from May 23 to May 27.

Tickets for the 2018 Australian Grand Touring Car Championship will go on sale on Monday, June 15.

There will be three classes of tickets available: Premium Gold and Premium Gold Plus, with Premium Gold Preferred tickets costing $15,000.

The 2019 Australian Touring Class Premium Gold tickets will be available to all participants.

A new class of Premium Gold will be introduced to the series next year.

Premium Gold Plus tickets will cost $15000.

A premium Gold Preferred ticket will be sold to any participant.

Tickets are available to purchase online from Ticketek.

Tickets can also be purchased at the Adelaide venue, or in person from the venue.”

This will be a very exciting year for the series,” Gumbricks Chairman Peter Pritchard said.