What you need to know about the massive rally that swept the U.S. and the world

By: Peter SchiffBloomberg | July 20, 2018 7:01 p.m.

ETMore than a million people are expected to take part in a rally across the U, from Chicago to Los Angeles, as people rally against President Donald Trump.

The rally is expected to draw people from across the country.

Trump has made a point of visiting Chicago in recent weeks and he is also expected to hold events in other cities on Friday.

There have been reports that the White House will make a statement during the rally.

In recent weeks, protesters have gathered in the city’s Central Park and some are planning to gather in the nearby streets of Lincoln Park on Saturday, according to ABC News.

The president is also planning a rally in the heart of the city, according the Chicago Tribune.

It is the first major rally to be held on the West Side of the U in decades.

The Chicago rally comes after a number of demonstrations have taken place in the past week.

On Friday, thousands of protesters were arrested and several were injured as they chanted slogans against Trump.

On Monday, protesters clashed with police and at least 12 people were injured when a group of Trump supporters attacked an anti-Trump demonstration in Seattle.

Trump tweeted on Friday that the demonstrations have been “going on for too long.”

He also said the demonstrations are “the worst that this country has ever seen.”