Tennis tennis rally to kick off on Saturday in Mumbai

Tennis players from all over the world will gather on Saturday, July 23, for the Tennis Tennis Association of India (TTAI) Annual TTI-Tennis Tournament in Mumbai.

The TTAI is an association of world-class players and coaches.

TTAi is an organization that promotes the sport of Tennis in India and is a major sponsor of the tournament.

Amongst the top ten players from the US, Canada, India, France and China, there are two former world No 1s from the TTAi, Nadal and Marin, as well as two former No 1 seeds, Martina Hingis and Marin Cilic.

The tournament will be played in a three-day format and the teams will play four games each.

There are five-time grand slam winners like Marin, Nadals, Nadia, Andy Murray, Marin Covic, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer among the teams.TTAis Indian President Anil Kumble said, “The TTI is a great platform for the country to showcase its talent.

This year, the tournament will showcase the talents of Indian tennis and the tournament is an opportunity for India to show the world the quality of our players and their performances.”

The TTOI also has the unique opportunity to showcase the talent of Indian women’s tennis and we are looking forward to hosting the tournament,” he said.