How to spot the ‘Trump rally inc’ rally that’s right in your neighborhood

A man wearing a mask and carrying an anti-Trump placard was arrested Sunday night outside a Wisconsin rally organized by the far-right website and Facebook.

A video posted to Facebook showed a man, wearing a hat emblazoned with a “Trump is a Nazi” slogan, surrounded by people in riot gear and shouting racial slurs at police officers as he was removed from the scene.

The group that organized the event said it had planned to attend an anti the president rally in Madison, Wisconsin, later Sunday.

The man was arrested after he was apprehended by police, according to an account on Twitter.

The incident was being investigated by police and a spokesman for the Madison Police Department said Sunday night that the suspect was a member of the group.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday night and has been viewed more than 4 million times, shows a man in an orange jumpsuit being escorted from the rally.

The Associated Press did not immediately have a record of the man’s name.