Trump’s ‘motorcycl rally trucks’ could get a makeover

President Donald Trump is expected to unveil new rally trucks and other improvements to the campaign’s fleet of campaign vehicles during a rally in Kansas on Wednesday.

The president has been touting the campaign-style rally trucks since he announced his presidential bid in June 2016, and he has already given the new vehicles more attention.

Trump is expected at the rally at the Kansan Municipal Auditorium, where he will discuss a number of issues including the auto industry and his decision to stop subsidizing the construction of new vehicles in the U.S. The president will also deliver a keynote address on the future of transportation.

The Trump campaign’s vehicles have been among the most frequently used during the campaign.

The campaign estimated it used more than 30,000 campaign vehicles in its first 100 days.

The vehicles are used by the president, his campaign and his allies to promote his policies and events.