Phoenix rally leads to 2-0 win over Siena

2.58pm: The Sienese have secured a 1-0 victory over Phoenix in the third leg of their qualifying campaign, the first time they have managed to get away with that since 1997.

Siena’s Diego Barricarte scored a penalty and then converted the equaliser from the penalty spot to set up a late 2-1 victory.

The match was stopped after the first half, with referee David Karpanese giving the Phoenix players two yellow cards in the second half for what he deemed excessive use of the penalty area.

It was the first win of the season for Sienas, who finished last season with a run of three successive defeats.

Phoenix’s Diego Alves scored the opening goal, before substitute Diego Gavras doubled the lead.

It took until the last minute of the second period for the game to be abandoned, with a controversial red card from Sienan striker Mario Calcini sending off Sienans coach Pascual Gonzalez after a challenge on Gavra in the area.

But Sienia kept the pressure on for the third period, going ahead when Alves curled home a free-kick from the edge of the box. 

“Sienans fans are absolutely furious with the referee, with the players, with everything,” Sienanao’s coach Sergio Tadeco told Radio Marca.

“I can’t say that the fans are happy with the result, but that is the way things are.”