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Register to Ride

Register to Ride

All levels of riders welcome

All rides begin and end at the Grand Junction Harley Davidson dealership located 2747 Crossroads Blvd, Grand Junction, CO 81506.

All rides start at $35 per rider and includes concert ticket!

An email will be sent to riders who have bought their tickets in advance to sign up for the rides. Tickets for Blue Oyster Cult and registration for rides will be available at the Friday night pre-party at Grand Junction Harley Davidson

Please be sure to be at the dealership one half hour before your ride is scheduled to leave.

  • Your road captain will have a pre-ride meeting before your ride.
  • Please be respectful of each rider in your group.
  • These rides are all fun rides and have different kinds of roads and terrain.
  • Ride safe and most of all have fun!


Departure Time: 8:30AM
Estimated Length (time): 7 - 8 Hours
Approximate Mileage: 245 miles

Take HWY 50 south to Delta. Turn east on HWY 92. Go east to Hotchkiss and take a break at the big City Market's parking lot. Continue South on HWY 92 through Crawford. Enter the canyon and ride single file thru the canyon. The road captain will stop at various places for breaks and picture taking. HWY 92 ends at HWY 50. Turn right and head west to Montrose.

When you get to Montrose this ride will stop at Horsefly Bar & Grill for lunch, plan on $15 to $20 for lunch. It is located on Main St. and 6th St. After lunch the ride will continue on Main St. to HWY 50 turn right and go north on HWY 50 and stop for gas. Humdingers is a good place to stop. Continue north on HWY 50 back to the dealership.

This ride is an intermediate to advanced ride. Lots of winding mountain 2 lane roads. Lots of steep curves and blind corners.


Departure Time: 10:30AM
Estimated Length (time): 4-5 Hours
Approximate Mileage: 120 miles

Take Hwy 50 south to Hwy 141 in Whitewater. Turn right and go to Gateway. Turn right into Gateway Canyon Resort.

Go to the Gateway Colorado Auto Museum, the cost of admission is $15. Eat lunch at the resort the average price is $15 to $20 for lunch. There are a few places to eat, the Paradox Grill is good eats!

After lunch head back east on Hwy 141 to Hwy 50. Turn left and take Hwy 50 back to the dealership. This ride is considered easy, however there are spots in the canyon that have sharp curves and narrow lanes.


Departure Time: 11:00AM
Estimated Length (time): 4 Hours
Approximate Mileage: 175 miles

Take I-70 east to HWY 65 at Plateau Creek, Turn right and go to DeBeque cutoff road. Turn left and follow to DeBeque. Go over the highway and turn right on HWY 6 just before Cum and GO. Follow Hwy 6th east all the way to Rifle. Once in Rifle turn left on Railroad Ave. Go to 3rd St. and turn right. Approximately mid-block will be Shooters on the left.

Shooters Bar & Grill is a fun place to eat with the waitresses packing sidearms. Plan on $15 to $20 for lunch.

After lunch if time permits we will come back the same way or take I-70 back to the dealership. The road captain on this ride will check if you will need gas in Rifle, depending on your tank size. This is a ride for all riders.


Departure Time: 9:00AM & 11:30AM
Estimated Length (time): 3 Hours
Approximate Mileage: 60 miles

This ride is close in and one of the great views of the valley and surrounding mountains. Your road captain will choose which direction to go over the Monument.

The cost is $5 per motorcycle unless you have a National Park pass, then it's free. There will be several stops on the Monument for picture taking.

All riders are welcome. Speeds are kept slow due to the other cars and bikes on this ride. Once on the Monument, riders need to ride single file.


Departure Time: 12:30PM & 1:30PM
Estimated Length (time): 3 Hours
Approximate Mileage: 35 miles

This ride is in the valley and includes a stop for beer tasting at Palisade Brewery. Take I-70 to Palisade exit. Turn right on 1St. Street. Turn right on Peach Ave. go two blocks to brewery. Leave the brewery and take 2nd St. to Kluge Ave to 8th St. Turn left and go over the river to 38 Rd. Turn right and follow all the way thru East Orchard to 32 Road. Turn right and come back to dealership. All riders are welcome.